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    on September 9, 2007

    I can't tell you how you have completed my day with such beautiful stills of Fern Lake. You have provided me with a nostalgic journey, as I used to go there with my family every summer, from 1955 to 1972. My father owned a cabin, next to Santor's on Fern Lake Road. I recognize Sand Beach and in one of your other shots at a different site, I recall the narrows and the rocks, both visably above the water and in my mind, I can see the ones that lie below, the reason for using the row boat to catch the bass and perch that were so abundant in that area. I remember how soft the water was, the picturesque "mirror" of the water in the morning and how a storm could make it very dangerous, with shows of white caps. Friends of ours had a camp on the other side of the lake and I recall stories told of the Indian Princess who would come down to the lake's edge every morning for water. Surely, this was a tale told by Papa Rondeau to amuse us kids, just like the story of 'Old Moss Head,' the Great Norhern Pike that would take all your bait, and he was never to be caught. Thank-you my dear for the wonderful memories, I hope to return to Fern Lake someday, it's been a long time, nearly 30 years, and I am now in California. Your beautiful photos have let me relive a time in my life that was fulfilled deep calming memories. cleetay50@sbcglobal.net